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How to Create Basic Packaging Mockup (Cosmetic Box) in Adobe Dimension CC (Free Mockup)

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Learn How to Create Packaging Mockup with Pop Design

  1. Prepare image file

  2. Open the Adobe Dimension

  3. Choose the model and adjust the scale

  4. Add the Image on Package Model

  5. Choose the Environment Light

  6. Render File

Adobe Free Software for Trial:


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This is the Link for Download Mockup:

Cosmetic Mockup 1
Download PSD • 28.10MB

Front View

Cosmetic Mockup 2
Download PSD • 28.24MB

Without Packaging

Cosmetic Mockup 3
Download PSD • 26.75MB

Credit: Thanks for the resources ‘Designed by Freepik’ and a link to


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